About Credon

Credon provides Qlik solutions for organisations who want to make data accessible quickly and easily.


Credon is market leader in the Benelux with a total package of Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. As a young and dynamic company, we think along with our customers to achieve a ‘WOW’ effect every time. We have an extensive and certified team of BI consultants belonging to the European top. We provide an honest, correct, rapid and complete service to our more than 550 customers.






Credon achieves the best results for both business and technical teams who, day in day out, aspire to a more efficient organisation, with a quick and flexible solution. We offer solutions to organisations who seek growth and improvement in their sector in an accurate and unprejudiced way.


Our Solutions

Credon provides Qlik solutions for organisations who want to make a large amount of data accessible quickly and easily. We provide understanding and knowledge where only data used to be available before. We have numerous references in production, retail, the pharmaceutical, logistics and financial sector. Our solutions are used every day by both IT and business managers.


How do we set ourselves apart?

We set ourselves apart every day by thinking along with our customers in a focused way. We undertake to find the best possible solution for the customer’s specific situation, quickly and honestly. A lot of our customers were convinced by our “Seeing is Believing” principle. A Seeing is Believing event is a mini-project which allows companies to experience working with Qlik on their data. Experience has taught us that Business Intelligence remains abstract as long as there is no concrete result. Seeing is Believing is the ultimate way to show what Qlik is capable of.


5 x Credon

  1. We are market leader in the Benelux for Qlik solutions.
  2. Our consultants belong to the European top in the field of Qlik knowledge.
  3. We are a certified Qlik training institute.
  4. Credon stands for results, our more than 450 customers prove this!
  5. Our support team always goes for a solution!